Mini-hotel and Hostel "Feelin"

                                              +7 (911) 295-45-93 Bol str.Konyushennaya str., 13 L. N., m. Admiralteyskaya
The guest has the right to be in the territory of the furnished Rooms "hostel Feelin" (further - rooms) for the paid period.Check - in time is after 13:00, check-out time is before 12:00. The guest can check in the same day before the check-in time at no extra charge, if interested in his place freely, but not earlier than 2 hours before the check-out time (11:00). The guest is obliged to vacate the place before 12:00, or pay for each subsequent hour of the stay in addition (depending on the season), if no one comes to this place. The guest is obliged to make room not later than 10 hours after checkout time (22:00).
2.Payment for all days must be made in advance, on the first day of arrival. The funds deposited in the event of early departure will not be refunded.
3.In addition to the sleeping place, the guest can use without extra charge: Փ bathroom and toilet;
kitchen with all kitchen equipment and utensils;
common areas;
Internet via WI-Fi from their laptops and phones.
4.The guest is obliged:◦to observe cleanliness, and silence (from 23: 00 to 9.00) and public order;
o wash and put away dishes and Cutlery;
◦observe fire safety rules. Do not use electric heaters in rooms (immersion heaters, kettles, irons, etc.).);
◦to return before leaving, received the keys;
*to compensate the damage in case of loss, damage or damage to the property of the hostel in the amount approved by the administration.
5.In the rooms it is forbidden: o to receive visitors, to third parties the keys and codes to doors;
storage of bulky items, narcotic, explosive, chemical, radioactive and / or flammable substances, mercury;
◦to disturb the peace of other guests;
smoke throughout, including in the restrooms;
move around the room in street shoes;
◦to drink alcohol , a controlled substance.
6.Managers accompanying school and sports groups are fully responsible for complying with these rules.
7.The property is not responsible for lost items or items left unattended.
8.For guests staying in multi-bed rooms, keys to individual storage cells are issued against a Deposit in the amount of 100 rubles. The Deposit will not be refunded if the keys are lost. At the check-out of Guest keys are returned to the administrator mini-hotel.
9.The administration is not responsible for the operation of urban services and communications.
10.The administration has the right to terminate the accommodation contract and demand immediate departure of the client from the rooms in case of violation of the rules of living in the rooms without refund.